Not All Dogs Speak the Same Language but Fairies Do!

954714_10151493960986994_1951687637_nYes, it’s true. Some dogs don’t say, ‘Ruff!’. They say, ‘Guff!’. At least this is what my granddaughter tells me. You see, in Russia many of the animals speak a different language.  Horses say, ‘ Eeeeee- yaaaaa’. Pigs say, ‘Khru-Khru’.  And the infernal cat remains committed to, ‘Meow-meow’ (no imagination at all).

I am learning a lot from this beautiful little sprite who has entered our world.  She marched out of the airport and straight into my heart. Oh, I know it sounds trite and just what you would have expected a grandmother to say. It’s just that I’ve waited so long and as I sat at tea with her today I kept reminding myself that it was really true….that she was really here in my kitchen, with ME!

I love to hear her chatter on in Russian and I chuckle as she speaks s-l-o-w-l-y and LOUDLY to me when I don’t understand.  I love to hear the English words already creeping into her vocabulary— ‘Babushka (grandmother), come on!’—as she beckons me to play with her. I find I cannot resist her smile, her dimple, her completely  glorious perfection!  And as we danced around the living room this evening, I struggled to hold back tears. She would never understand; I could not explain in Russian. So we held hands, we laughed, we twirled—- a very happy Babushka and this beautiful gift of a girl….this little fairy.

Sofya’s taught me a lot in our first week together. I’ve learned that not all dogs speak the same language,  and that four year old fairies are just as wonderful as I always thought they would be. I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!

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I am a lover of beauty, but lest you think I mean the outer person, let me correct you. I love beautiful words, beautiful souls, beautiful thoughts, all that is truly lovely in this world. I love a beautifully set table surrounded by people who are enjoying one another and in no rush to leave. Good people, good conversation, good food...these are the beautiful things in life.

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