Breakfast with the Princess

DSCN0685It’s Saturday morning and I am sitting at the tiled counter sipping some much needed java. Life is good on these bleary mornings when there is no need to rush here or there and the most important thing on the agenda is getting some much needed rest and quietly meandering through the house. I lazily sweep the kitchen and putter about, enjoying the quietness and the time to neaten things. It’s all very therapeutic and simple and I am in my element. My mind wanders here and there, thinking over the week. It’s been busy, with a new job and new responsibilities.

And then, into my silent reverie, slips a little imp. In her bright pink nightgown she quietly skips across the room  reaching her little arms up and around my neck and quietly whispering, ‘Baboushka, my Baboushka. I luff you.’

Together we fix her cereal; cheerios and rice milk. She eats and I admire. She is constantly searching her mind for the English words she knows. Her 4 year old mind is taking in so much these days. I often wonder how she keeps it straight.

“Princess.” Sofya says pointing to me.

“Ballerina.” pointing to herself.

And we are off….to the world of make believe where princesses  and Russian ballerinas eat their breakfasts and dance around the kitchen as a follow up. Yes, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, especially when you breakfast with a princess.