Running with CS Lewis – Distractions, Begone!

IMG_5892by Viv Walden

I sat at a table a while ago with several friends, included among them CS Lewis (via his book of, course, though it seemed like he was there in the flesh). We were reading through the Screwtape Letters, a discipline I had neglected until this time.

And I have been rudely awakened from a stupor I vaguely knew I was in. Here it is. In chapter 1, Lewis mentions the distractions of this life. He talks about the ‘daily press, radio, television and other such weapons’ used to keep people from thinking too much. (Distraction, thy name is media.) Oh, CS, I think, how ahead of your time you were. But really, daily news? Now it is news almost before it happens, and often wrongly reported in the haste to be the first to get the story out. And ‘other such weapons’…….. We are inundated with all types of media fighting for the attention of our minds! Look here, read that, watch this.

What a distracted life I have been living. Often I breakfast with facebook, lunch with youtube and have dinner with the Drudge report.

Or if I am tired of the computer I pick up a book. Nothing heavy, nothing that means anything because I am tired and I ‘need’ to veg.

Thus I have wasted way too much time NOT thinking because, I tell myself, thinking is too painful or too much of an effort and I need to relax.

Really? Is it? Do I?

Clearheaded plain old fashioned thinking is a good thing. Remember when people talked about their daily quiet time and what they meant was a time set aside to read the Bible, think , and pray?  Maybe it sounds outdated. Often worthwhile things do.

So yesterday when I was running and thinking about these things a song I have not heard in years popped into my mind. Perhaps God had something to do with that. I tried to remember the tune and all the words. First comes one line – sung thrice. Be still and know that I am God.

I kept thinking- now what is the fourth line of this verse?  I sang it over quite a few times trying in vain to remember.  And then the tune and the words found their way from a dim memory into a clear (though somewhat off key) song. I sang it quietly.

 Be still and know that I am God.

Be still and know that I am God.

The third line is sung with a decisive ending- the tune itself lets you know this is the end of the verse.

 Be still and know that I AM GOD.

What relief and rest for this weary and way too distracted soul. Our part is to be still and know – His part is to be God.  Distractions, begone. I am pushing you aside to your rightful place.  Today I will purposely face my worries and pain and concerns. Then I’ll just be still – and know and trust He who is God. IMG_5856

1 thought on “Running with CS Lewis – Distractions, Begone!

  1. So interesting…..since this just slapped me in the face when I was laid up with my ankle recently…sitting still in not my forte. I was bemoaning my situation and surfing fb when I saw the post my friend had “shared” on my page “Be still and know that I am God”!! Spoke volumes. Thank you for sharing.


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