Heavenly Takeaway

IMG_3875by Viv Walden

When I was in Australia I learned that when you order ‘takeout’ or ‘to go’ food, you call it takeaway. I like this – it seems like I am taking it away to enjoy rather than having my meal ‘to go’ which (in my mind) implies something hurried. Anyway, I have been looking for ‘takeaways’ in other aspects of life. It could be from a sermon in church or a song I listen to or a conversation with a friend. I want to carry something with me (albeit in my mind) to savor. I want to marvel, rejoice, skip a little or do a happy dance no one can see except me and God.

My takeaway from last Sunday’s message is this. You are not the only one praying.  And a good thing it is for I fear I am no champion pray-er.

I am sure that at times there are other people praying for me. Surely there is a group of old fashioned ‘prayer warriors’ with my name on their list. I am reasonably certain they bring me before the ‘throne of God’ faithfully. And I think my kids ask God to help Mom and Dad on a somewhat regular basis. And maybe my sisters and brothers pray for me now and then.


I am talking about someone praying 24-7. ALL THE TIME. When I’m up. When I’m down. When I can hardly survive the pain of life and when  all is good and I am happy.

My dear husband and I spoke about this just yesterday, both of us with tears in our eyes.  It is a comfort that helped him find peace when our daughter died and it is a truth we both count on. And it is this- Jesus, our high priest, prays for us!  He never gets tired. He never stops. As the Bible says, He always lives to make intercession for us.

I say it to myself, Jesus prays for me. It is overwhelming. It is humbling and reassuring and truly divine.

So that is my unspeakably wonderful, heavenly takeaway from last Sunday.  It has encouraged me all week.

6 thoughts on “Heavenly Takeaway

  1. It was funny, as I read your words, I thought,” I heard that recently.”
    Then I realized it was there at your church. Time has a funny way of all melting together.


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